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Much like cooking & dressing up, every one has their own style in home decor and there are no right or wrong answers. I personally think that whatever gives you happiness should become a part of your home. I personally love an uncluttered style and try to maintain a continuing theme throughout. I guess laying down your treaties for decor style before setting everything up at once is a good idea. I could share what I did with my home decor in this blog. 

I chose classic themes for most of my home decor because that represents my inner aesthete. Right from the wall panelling to the lighting, I chose a classic palette so that I could mix it later with other classic furnishings. 

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With furniture, we've kept a single motif - the cockle shell as a recurring centrepiece without being too cheesy. This gives us the liberty to delve into rococo from time to time, while still keeping soft and subtle furniture for the most part. custom designed dinning table beautiful interiors

With the decor, we've once again adhered with classic Louis XV & XVI styles, as I feel they are easy on the eye, yet very elegant. But I'm not scared to add one or two pieces of baroque or english furniture because they would go with the same style, and that brings us back to the point of maintaining a theme.

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Soon, we'd be launching complimentary design service. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us for any of your custom designing needs. 

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