The Process

metamorphosis of furniture from sketch to finish, artisanship made in india

 Sometimes, the journey is as beautiful & rewarding as the destination.

It all starts with an idea. You can either choose from the flawless collection that we have curated and acquired over time. And since it's bespoke, you could customize your ideal size, color, choice of wood and upholstery. Or you could go completely inspired and surprise us with an idea that has been sitting in your head since that time you visited the art gallery. If it's in your imagination, we would love to bring it on paper and eventually in your house. 

We will start the process once we receive an initial deposit of about half of the estimated cost of your piece and would not ship it out until you are perfectly satisfied with it. Throughout the journey - which usually takes about a month and a half, you will get updates as well as options about your piece. Right from the original drawings to the pictures of cut wood, we will make you fall in love with the beautiful journey that leads to your extraordinary piece. 

Once we get a final go ahead, the most efficient ways of shipping will bring it to you, even if it means sending someone personally to your door.