The Rules of Magic

Magic is not without its rules. Please review our terms and let us know if you have any questions. Keeping them in mind will ensure a pleasant experience for you. 

It is nice to be nice

First and foremost, Parrot & Lily is a fun place. We value each and every member of our small team and the atmosphere we work in. We are also discerning about the clients we take and the people we associate with. We will never accept disrespectful words or behaviour towards any member of our team. We reserve the right to cancel an order should we feel that our work or our team is not being respected.

We take furniture very seriously. But we strongly believe that even the most distressing of situations can be handled cordially. Take it seriously if it is coming from us- this is just furniture. 

A note about wood

Our pieces are made with real wood and real wood is a living material. It reacts to its environment, specifically humidity and temperature. We make our pieces in the country tradition, so we do not treat the wood with toxic substances like artificial shellac. So, your piece is alive and you can expect it to behave as such. Wood is generally a long lasting material and stays stable after the initial acclimatising.  

Over the first season, you can expect to see some movement in the wood, with the joints appearing. This is not dangerous, it is different from a crack in the wood and should be expected. It is particularly quick to appear in humid places like Mumbai, as wood is seasoned in dry conditions. Give your piece some time to acclimatise to its new environment. After a few months, the wood will be much more stable. At that point, if you wish, we will arrange a quick visit to touch up the piece and fill in the joints, which will be charged. We will coordinate with you to arrange a visit at a time that is convenient for you and suits the schedule of our team. We may ask to delay the visit if we feel that your piece is not stable enough yet, because the piece will just move further right away even if we touch it up at that point.

You can also choose to keep the piece as it is and enjoy the beauty of real and pure materials. The structure of the piece is not affected by the joints getting exposed on the surface. We will always inform you if a the wood movement appears serious. You can read more about what to expect here on our blog.

Similarly, pieces made in wood will never be perfectly flat, straight or even. If we wanted to make perfectly flat tops, we would not make them in natural materials. 

This is a feature of our pieces that we are proud of, as it represents the essence of Parrot & Lily. We do not think of them as flaws, and if you do, we do not hesitate to tell you that Parrot & Lily is not for you. We would be happy to answer any questions about the features of our pieces, but please be informed that choosing a Parrot & Lily piece is accepting that beauty and nature's purity cannot be static. 

Damage in transit

We take a lot of care in packing our pieces. Each piece is packed in a custom plywood box with ample padding. Yet, the occasional incident is inevitable. The beauty of real wood is that it can always be repaired. We take guarantee of safe delivery, so you can rest assured that should something damage your piece before it reaches you, we will always take care of the issue at no additional charge to you. 

We will arrange for the piece to be picked up and sent back to our atelier, where we will replace or repair the piece as appropriate. We request you to keep the piece packed in the packaging it came in. While our usual production time is 8 weeks, you can expect repairs and replacements to be on their way to you much sooner and on priority. 

Frames shipped with mirrors are an exception to our guarantee. If you opt to have frames shipped with mirrors installed, we will pack the frame with extra attention but we cannot take any guarantees regarding that piece. We always recommend installing frames locally, to avoid the risk of breakage. You can read more about this below under "Mirror installations."

After sales services

Acquiring a Parrot & Lily piece is a relationship beyond one lifetime. Wear and tear is inevitable and accidents happen. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us about your piece at anytime. 

If your piece requires maintenance due to an incident or if you would like to touch up regular wear and tear, we can guide you with this. Where possible, we would be glad to offer our own repair services on our compliments. But this would be at our discretion and will not available or possible in every case. 

Mirror installations

Frames do not include the mirror or any artwork that they are pictured with. We recommend having the mirror installed locally to avoid risk of breakage in transit. We can furnish a mirror at an additional charge but we can not take guarantee of safe delivery if you opt for this. Though we have never had an incident with mirror breakage, if it does happen it can scratch and damage the wooden frame and even shatter more delicate designs. We will not be able to offer complimentary repairs or replacements in this case.


You can find our guidance on upholsteries here.


The finish of your piece is entirely your choice. Options are shared once a piece is in production. You can refer to the finish of any of our previous pieces. Real gold leaf gilding carries an additional charge, as does scagliola (wood painted to imitate marble.) All other finishes come at no extra charge, including gold paints and stains. 

Once the finish has been confirmed by you, it may not be possible to change the finish. If it is possible to do so, there will be an extra charge. This is because the previous finish will have to be careful sanded by hand, the carving touched up and a new finish applied again. Please respect the time and effort of our team by making your selection carefully. 


Every piece we make is made-to-order; a team of skilled artisans is assigned to your order, who then cut and prepare blocks of precious wood specifically for you. "Not Mass Produced" is not just a slogan and we hope you understand the gravity of phrase when you place an order with us. Due to this, it is not possible to cancel an order once a deposit is made. 

Orders once placed can not be cancelled, refunded or returned. An order is processed once a 50% deposit is received and confirmed in our accounts. Where possible, we will always work with you to make sure that the piece you take home is one you adore. However, all of our pieces are made-to-order.

A bespoke piece always involves some faith. Most details are discussed before an order is confirmed, while others such as finish and upholstery are confirmed once an order is in production. 

If you change your mind or are not satisfied with anything, we will always do our best to accommodate you. This however, will be at our discretion. If you are not satisfied with the options we are able to offer, you will have to forfeit the deposited amount. 

Storage and Liability

Once you’re notified that your piece has been finished and is ready to be shipped out, we are liable for holding and storing your piece for 15 working days. Beyond that we will charging Rs 1000 per piece per day. This amount would also have to be cleared before shipping. 

Shipping Policy

We offer door-to-door shipping through third-party delivery agents such as FedEx and Delhivery. While shipping is door-to-door, our delivery partners reserve the right to refuse certain situations, for instance they would not carry large boxes over several flights of stairs. Depending on your situation, it may be advisable for you to hire labour to assist with carrying your boxes. Our shipping does not include unpacking and placing the pieces in your home. Boxes should always be opened on their backs and not upright. 

Shipping within India is complimentary for most areas. For particularly remote areas or those that are out of the regular service area of our shipping partners, a charge may be levied.

International shipping is handled on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch with us about your requirements to get an idea of your options. We will need to know an approximation of the order contents and your delivery pincode. 

International shipping quotations do not include customs and other taxes or duties. We do not handle these, and you will be contacted by port authorities about these directly. We cannot provide customs estimates as every country has their own regulations and the amount is only calculated when the shipment is received at the port. Customs can be unpredictable and often come with hidden charges. Please look into the relevant national regulations that apply to you as we are not able to advise about customs and import taxes.