The Considerations

Because real pianos need tuning every few years. 

Can you imagine a world where Brahms played on an electronic keyboard because acoustic grand pianos are bit of a hassle? Nor can we.

Just like all things classic, be it acoustic pianos, automatic Rolexes, vintage Hermes scarves or your heirloom pashminas, need special care, so does real wood furniture. And just like all things classic, true wood furniture never perishes. Some might not favour living in a 1920s wood panelled house, and to them we say that there is a whole world of engineered woods like MDF and polyester. But that's not the world of Parrot and Lily. 

As for the classical romantics, welcome. If you take relief in knowing that what you possess is truly one of a kind and there is not another home in the world that has the same piece; If you derive pleasure in considering the finesse of the artist who spent weeks working on that floral ribbon relief carving that just had to be there; If you take pride in patronising the artisans that dedicated their life to this dying art; If you are fascinated by the rarity of the wood that you are sitting on; then welcome to the world of Parrot and Lily.

These are pieces that are custom designed to your whims. Crafted only after your acquiesce by the finest artisans that are renowned in their respective art. They expand and contract throughout the first year, with their paint being minorly chipped and their grain hard to hide, even through white paint. Because they are real. We source our upholsteries from mills throughout the world for pure silks, tussores, Italian jacquard ,cottons and linens to make sure that your pieces age gracefully over generations. 

Parrot and Lily is for those who prefer leather bound books to their electronic downloadable counterparts. Always stand apart, never mass produced. 


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