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Table Tops

The beauty of real materials is that they were once living. They come with their own features, and are bound to adapt and change with the climate that they are in. Even the most seasoned wood often expands and contracts over time. Sometimes that causes cracks at the joints, which are more evident on plain surfaces. 

Just like a luxury leather good, or fine silk dresses and scarves, with time, there are some variations in the piece itself. 

Everything in life comes with its own rewards and follies. Here are our table tops, their styles, their advantages and disadvantages.

Furniture and table tops, just like anything else are subject to damage. Physical damage by sharp objects, very hot pans, moisture, and other unmentioned factors will will be detrimental to the table top.  

Table top with laminate sheet on it. 


This is the most standard and common top style, which is used by most commercial furniture brands.

Advantages - To start with, these tops do not show any amount of cracking or opening. They stay very clean, and give a flawless look. They can be painted in any colour or given a wood stain. 

Disadvantages - Although the frame is wood, the top itself does not have a lot of wood. If one scratches though the veneer or the laminate, it would be a wood based board. Also, excess moisture, excess heat like putting a hot pot on it, or physical damage will cause the surface to be permanently damaged. Any deep damage to this top is not repairable at all without getting a new top layer installed. We don't particularly love this top style owing to its lack of authenticity but we furnish it on request. 

Table top with basic marquetry

marquetry table top on a louis xv center tablefine marquetry work on an exuberant rococo table

Advantages - It is finely made piece and represents artistry. Various classic patterns are possible in the top and can customised based on the shape and the dimension of the top. It does not open or crack,  it is a very fine option for the stained look. 

Disadvantages - While the frame of the top is wood, the base of the table top is wooden board. Excessive moisture for instance keeping a live plant, with the base directly resting on it could cause serious unrepairable damage to it. 


Table top with true Parquet 

Additional pricing starting from Rs. 1000/sqft

parquet top table on french styled table

mildly natured wood parquet table top


Advantages - This is the authentic way of creating table tops which last a lifetime. These table tops are a work of art and genuine artisanship. A variety of classic designs, such as the herringbone shown here can be customised based on dimension and design of the table top. The table can withstand damage and be repaired several times, since it is made of authentic wood. 

Disadvantages - The parquet top, much like an authentically made parquet floor (which is very rare to find in contemporary settings), has a tendency to open and expose joints (as is shown in the picture), which may appear like cracks after the first set of seasons. A minor rubbing, which can be achieved by a painter in two hours can fix this. 


Table top with joined wood planks 

 Wood table top


Advantages - This is also a very traditional way of creating table tops. The top is made in pure wood, so can be repaired any number of times with the help of a painter. 

Disadvantages - As shown here, these tops even when made of the most seasoned wood sometimes expand and contract, which causes joints to be seen. In very rare cases, the tops get a little indent in them. But in most cases, these tops perform really well, and don't get any sort of damage. 

Special Finishes 

faux marble table top

Special finishes such as scagliola (faux marble) can be furnished on request. This faux marble table top is a fascinating example of the same. These tops are considerably more expensive and pricing can be furnished upon request.