Classicism by Parrot & Lily, Commode inspired by Bacchus & Ariadne

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It is no secret that no one does classicism quite like yours truly. After all, an in depth knowledge of stories, motifs, art and symbolism is only the first step to executing such a daunting task. Today, we decided to share with you, one happy story in the beautiful island of Naxos, which inspired our humble endeavour.
After a long back story, a diabolical king, a queen's affair with a bull, an earthquake causing ill-fated monster, and his slaying; Ariadne (the princess of Crete) was convinced that she was bethrothed to Prince Theseus. After all, she had helped him with the secret to kill the monster - the Minotaur. More on that, maybe some other time. 
Ariadne is deceived while Theseus sails away leaving her deserted on the island. 
"Oh, Theseus, Theseus!' then awhile she stopped,
And turned, and in her hand her poor face dropped"
In walks Bacchus, the God of wine, and merrymaking with his entourage, or his cult. He comes with revellers in a procession on a chariot driven by Cheetas. He falls in love with Ariadne, and promises her the entire sky. 
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Bacchus took in his arms his bridal lass.
And gave and shared as much more happiness
Than Theseus, as a noble spirit's caress.
Full of sincerity, and mind, and heart.
Out-relishes mere fire and self-embittering art.
Rich in symbolism of classic antiquity, we can see Bacchus on cheetah on a lost island. The Ram heads are signs of the Satyr, who were part of the cult of Bacchus. The surreal rococo ribbons which suspend the frame with the depiction of Bacchus are twined with wreaths of flowers and stars depicting Ariadne. 
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The two Bacchus heads stare directly at the viewer. No one can escape the glance of the ever elusive god. 
The easy wear of inward gracefulness.
Beneath this star, this star, where'er she be.
Sits the accomplished female womanly:
Part of its light is round about her hair;
And should her gentle cheek be wet with care,
The tears shall be kissed off, as Ariadne's were. 
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The story of Bacchus & Ariadne is one of hope and faith in true love. Though Rococo as a whole movement is thought of as a schism from classicism, the most important pieces are rich and abundant in allusions to Greek & Roman antiquity. 
Each piece of classicism that we undertake is carefully researched, artfully drafted and finally masterfully created for its rightful owner. These rare pieces represent the apsis of our work and the possibilities of decorative arts in our times. 

Because no matter what one does, one must always stay inspired by nothing less than poetry. 

Acquire your unrivalled classicism with us. 

Excerpts of Poem - Bacchus & Ariadne by Leigh Hunt
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