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Following your heart is a daunting but invariably rewarding pursuit. Our friend Alain is a most apt example of this. We invite you to see the would through his lens. We hope the next time you visit Paris, you will have the pleasure of capturing your memories with a photoshoot by Alain. 

My name is Alain and I am a French photographer living in Paris. 
I spent most of my youth traveling the world thanks to my expatriate parents and through  these trips my passion for photography was born.
I worked for several years in the luxury hotel industry - L'Abeille Shangri la- in a gastronomic restaurant. For several years,  I was able to  link these two trades at the same time, but since this year I have started as a freelance lifestyle and culinary photographer. This reconversion allows me to return to the very essence of my personality-  photography, travel and adventure.
I am also working on a project to develop myself as a filmmaker to tell a new story. 

The Recipe

Ballottine of poultry stuffed with peppers and puree of butternut

Thinly slice the pepper in order to stuff the poultry easily
Pan-fry  peppers with a little garlic in olive oil
Cut the poultry fillet in half to have a larger surface
Stuff the poultry with peppers and pieces of mozzarella for ease of melting
Roll the poultry in plastic film, roll it very tight to create a ballottine and steam it
Boil the butternut cubes. Once cooked, crush them to create a smooth puree, add cream if you wish
Fry the poultry tosses for a little color
Serve with a reduction of poultry juice

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