And after April when May follows~

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Among the many buds proclaiming May

Decking the fields in holiday array, 
Striving who shall surpass in braverie, 
Marke the faire flowering of the hawthorne tree
Who finely clothèd in a robe of white,
Fills full the wanton eye with May's delight. 

And Spring slowly rolled in. 

For most of us, staying indoors might have caused us to forget the delights of spring. We thought we would send you some stunning nature notes that will inspire you, some visual inspirations that will give you something to covet, and some prose that will stir your soul. 

You may download this beautiful Poppy to colour. 

View, sit, feast & read - spring delights.

Art & Frame of the month inspired by Spring. 
Get it here. 

Prose on Ceres - the Goddess of spring and its harvest.

To bright-hair'd Ceres, and the lovely maid
Proserpina, my votive verse be paid.
List to my song, and with propitious powers
From every hostile inroad guard these towers.

A delicate spring motif by Parrot & Lily. 

We hope we will always value the beautiful world that we have been given. All its seasons, and the beauty of nature. All Parrot & Lily designs are inspired by aspects of the unrestrained wild, foliage, marine life, unseen grotesques and forces of nature.
Sound the flute!
Now it's mute!
Birds delight,
Day and night,
In the dale,
Lark in sky, -
Merrily, merrily to welcome in the year.
~ William Blake, Spring (Songs of Innocence) 

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