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We offer a wide range of upholstery options with our seating. 

We don't hold any stock of upholstery options. Rather, we liaise with vendors from all over the world to bring you options for your pieces. The upholsteries you see on our website or on previous pieces may no longer be available. This is specially true for our exquisite imported upholsteries which come directly from small mills in France and Italy. 

Upholsteries up to INR 1200 per metre are included in our pricing. Anything beyond this will be adjusted in the final invoice. Some of our pieces may be pictured with very exceptional upholsteries like authentic handmade Italian needlepoints. Upholsteries like this can started from INR 15000 per metre and have no upper limit. Further, the shipping and customs for imported upholsteries is charged to the client as well. We can share similar designs within the inclusive range but those will be simple prints or weaves. Some of the upholsteries we import are museum-grade reconstructed historic designs, and this is reflected in their beauty as well as prices. 

Any seat or back upholstery can be replaced by wicker at no additional cost. We use a completely natural Assamese cane wicker.

Our armoires and drawers come lined with a complimentary standard upholstery which our design team selects each season. You can also opt to go for unlined armoires and drawers. If you wish to select another upholstery to line your piece, the cost of the upholstery will be passed on to you in the final invoice as well. 

If you have a particular upholstery in mind, we would recommend confirming its availability before placing an order. Placing an order with us refers to the furniture piece, and not necessarily the pictured upholstery.