Design Wednesdays - Turquoise drawing room at Castle Howard

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We need all the inspiration we can to get through the notorious Wednesday. So we are curating some of the most timeless and astounding rooms for all of us to get inspired. 

This week, we would love to bring our attention to this gem - The Turquoise Drawing Room at Castle Howard. 

Everything about this room is discerning elegance. The stunning silk wall covering is a show stopper in it's own right. Imagine the designing mastermind that went into coordinating the pattern on the wall with the silk upholsteries of the furniture. That's the beauty of customisation.

This room is a brilliant example of Franglais style, where classic French designs mix with English sensibilities. The beautiful Louis XVI chairs blend seamlessly with the Georgian Commodes with marquetry on them.

There is a Louis XV desk & the top left frame, while most of the other frames are very English. Of course, the frame of the central mirror is Louis XVI with beautiful ribband. 

We can't end this blog without mentioning the stunning rococo wall sconce (which we're soon launching in our lighting section) on top of the fireplace mantle and the beautifully subdued Louis XVI settee against the wall at the far end. 

In one word, this room is stunning perfection. Like somebody on Pintrest said - Less is a bore ( 

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