Meet Elegance Personified - The Louis XVI Chair

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Elegant, dignified & yet chic. Meet the Louis XVI chair.

Louis XVI chair elegant home decor

This is the one chair that you can not miss to spot at any opulent setting. With it's delicate frame & turned legs, it's impossible not to fall in love with it. Classic decorators have been tapping on this gorgeous chair for centuries. In today's day & age, these chairs can be spotted in the classiest cafe's like The tea room of Ritz, London, The tea room at The Plaza, New York, The Four Seasons, Paris, and All Dior boutiques... need we say more?

The tea room at The Ritz, London

ritz carlton paris classy decor home inspirations
If you don't have them, you need one right now. The good part, they come in all sizes. Ranging from children's sizes, to side chairs to glorify a corner of your bedroom, to almost couch proportioned one-seaters, these chairs are your go to chairs wherever you want to add sophistication.

Four Seasons George V, Paris
four seasons paris brilliant home design idea
The best part- they come straight to your home with complimentary delivery within India. 
Get in touch with us to customise your own. 
Palm court at The Plaza, NYC
classic decor the plaza new york chairs
Dior Boutique
dior boutique fashionable & classic furniture


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