Making a gentleman out of a gallery

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Meet the home décor nemesis – The Gallery. You could plan every last detail of your bedroom, bathroom, even kitchen, but when it comes to the gallery it’s always a tricky preposition. As much as we are scared of this abominable conduit, decorating your gallery the right way can give envy to any room in your house. 

It can be used as a continuation of theme or a transitional space, or even a creative muse. One of the most obvious gallery décor is to display your family photos, because you know that only very intimate people would cross your gallery. I never really like putting a lot of pictures on the wall, but I got convinced because every time I cross the gallery from my bedroom to the living room, I revisit so many of my favorite memories. Of course, finding beautiful photo frames is a big plus. After all, who honestly has ever gone over the 20 GBs of pictures on your hard disk.

Another concept I love is putting chandeliers at tandem, it adds a lot of grace, height and length to your gallery. Depending on how wide your gallery is, it could be a perfect place to display your books, DVD collection and over sized art.

Adding small accents like two petit Louis XVI side chairs, a small Louis XV settee or a very concise Chippendale window bench with a beautiful long Persian rug, can never fail to impress even your snobbiest friends.

If you need any décor ideas and endless possibilities custom to your own gallery, don’t hesitate to email us.

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