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Meet the bergère. I’m sure that everyone has passed by one of these beauties sometime in their life – be it in the lobby of a boutique hotel, a luxurious fitting room at your favorite designer or someone’s immaculately done home, and wondered how marvelous and elegant a sofa can be.

A classic bergère is all about the beautiful balance between the delicate and the bulky. On one hand, the very elegant and sleek framework is usually visible and masterful carvings leave a dramatically formal impact. On the other hand, the somewhat lofty depth and recline give these pieces the proportions of a small sofa. Fact is that bergères are probably the most comfortable yet elegant looking pieces of furniture you will ever come across.

At the turn of seventeenth century, bergères became increasingly popular among royalty to combine the need of comfort with graciously elegant décor. No wonder, they are found at the Palace of Versailles, Maison Fontainbleau and other chateaus and palaces of the Louis XIV, XV & XVI era.

If you like spending time in your living room, or are looking for a beautiful corner in the bedroom where you can just curl up and lounge, then you are such a Bergère type. #coinedanewword

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