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It’s no rocket science that we should take care of our planet. Last year when we moved into our new home, we re-thought all our rules. Made a few new and deleted a few old ones. One of the things that we realized we are ardent about is being nice to the planet we live in. After all, who wants to move to Mars? We realized that saying absolutely no to plastic and getting things that can be repurposed already helps reduce so much of our footprint.

Here are five products that are super sustainable and yet fabulous.

 royal dansk, butter cookies, tinboxes, recycable, eco


Royal Dansk Cookies – The retro tin packing makes it so cool to look at it, and reusing the tins later is a big plus. I don’t have to mention how sumptuous the real butter cookies taste. I admit, that every time I put my hand in this tin box, I do twenty push-ups.


pura, lunchbots, lunchbox, tin,reusable, ecofriendly 

Lunchbots & Pura – I love these two brands for making stainless steel baby lunch boxes & water bottles. The shiny high gloss colors aren’t too bad to look at either.

 bonne maman, glass, reusable, ecofriendly, nutella,

Bonne maman & Nutella – Not only do they make your toast oh-so-good, their cute glass jars can be reused to store the long list of Indian spices that we have.

 amul, tasteofindia, butter, kitchen pantry, reusable

Amul – What a classic & unpretentious Indian brand. I feel so awesome that my daughter loves Amul the same was as I did. I love how their butter comes wrapped in a butter paper with a paper box. Super classic.

 wine, reuse, glass bottle, ecofriendly

Wine – I said it. Their width & height is perfect to be used as water bottles, in fact I’ve given so many away that all my help has wine bottles at their home. Just doing my bit.

 I think happiness is getting products that stay with you, using things that leave a very little footprint. This was one of the central concepts of Parrot & Lily. Real wood never goes out of fashion, style, permanence & is sustainable in the long run.

Would love to hear what all you do at your place to make your beautiful home & life more sustainable. 

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