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Tulika Bhatnagar Decor Parrot & Lily

Recently,  one of our favourite  magazines, Good Homes India published their tenth anniversary edition. We were ecstatic to be chosen in their feature - 10 Game changers - The names that matter and what matters to them. 

Although computer screen can never match its beautifully drafted paper edition, we still thought that for those of you who missed it, this would do. 

You could of course go over their beautiful website here 


Tulika Bhatnagar of furniture brand Parrot and Lily sheds light on reviving classical decor style

Associated with royalty and a certain opulence, classical design style is always approached with a bit of hesitation. However, Tulika Bhatnagar of furniture brand Parrot and Lily has quite an opposite view and feels that it is a design that should be embraced - ruffles, curves, embellishments and all.  Read on to know how to decode this elusive style, in her own words:

Tulika Bhatnagar, Founder, Parrot and Lily

The term classic decor often elicits impassioned reactions. It may be adoration, affection or complete detest. Many perceive it as boring and invariably associate it with a cream and brown colour scheme.

This could not be more inaccurate. Classic design doesn’t rely on restraining your options. On the contrary, it sets up a mixed playing field. Since all classic styles evolved organically, the pieces are an amalgam of more than one age. That is why, I feel knowledge of how classic décor works is a necessity when working in this realm. The axiom is what you leave out is as important as what you put in. Which is why I keep six considerations in mind when designing a classic space.


Photograph courtesy: Tulika Bhatnagar
Reviving classical design

Choose your style wisely, although there comes a point when these fuse due to their organic evolution. It is, however, unwise to mix without knowing which periods overlapped.

Secondly, buy slowly. Treat home décor as an investment. Be uncompromising in terms of quality. If a cast iron or wood urn needs to be placed on a mantelpiece, don’t use a polymer one. It would never have the feel of the authentic. Most likely, you would find yourself disposing it off in a few years. The quality and features of the wood are the most defining elements. The finish should not obscure the materials.

Abstain from “Fashion furniture and décor”, as décor, too, has its fair share of trends.

Photograph courtesy: Tulika Bhatnagar
Reviving classical design

Fourth rule: Consistency. Good design must be harmonious throughout the space. If the entrance of a home or a hotel is opulent, the inner rooms should not be minimal. Small details and subtle nuances, like custom vanity in bathrooms, can be engaging.

Commissioning decor for your needs and likings is the way to go. If you try to source things and place them together, they would most likely not have the same effect you intend. Commissioning bespoke pieces is rewarding, not least because the result is unique.

Photograph courtesy: Tulika Bhatnagar

Lastly, note the function of each piece. Sometimes you need a lofty wing chair for comfort at places where you might expect to spend hours seated, while a formal settee with bare arms elevates a gallery. Plan the use of that particular piece and its interaction with its environs.

Classic decor is truly stunning and ‘beyond the expected’. Commissioning furniture is a nerve-racking business, but the reward is a real emotional attachment to the product. With luck, you will keep it your life, and pass it on to your children.



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