Through a mirror darkly

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narcissus narcissistic love at first sight, caravaggio


"'But was Narcissus beautiful?' said the pool.

'Who should know that better than you?' answered the Oreads. 'Us
did he ever pass by, but you he sought for, and would lie on your
banks and look down at you, and in the mirror of your waters he
would mirror his own beauty.'

And the pool answered, 'But I loved Narcissus because, as he lay on
my banks and looked down at me, in the mirror of his eyes I saw
ever my own beauty mirrored.'" 

Such has been the power of mirrors since history has been recorded. There has probably never been a more consistent and effective civilizer for mankind.  As much as we have adored mirror, the frame has had it's share of fame. From being exquisitely detailed in XVI-XIX centuries to the minimalism of the XX, the importance of frame can not be denied. 

I am always of the contention that the frame should command as much thought as the art or picture that it holds. In true sense, when nothing in your home is brought without giving it a long detailed thought, luxury is attained. 

louis XV frame louis XV frame, outstanding art, french decor

There are basic frames, and then there are the frames that move your senses and make you appreciate the art even more. These two Louis XV frames are as contemporary of the chateaux as the paintings they hold. 

bacchus, hermitage museum, frame louis xv

Sometimes, a more restrained Louis XV frame does just as fine. This fascinating painting of Bacchus at The State Hermitage Museum caught my eye. 

Oval frame with crownoval botanic frame

 Oval frames always hold a special place with art appraisers. From the very detailed frame on the left that has it's own crown to the much simpler frame with agrarian motifs on the right, they are always a splendid choice. 

oval frame with ribbandOval frame with ribband

If my love for unrestrained ribbons can be brought together with the oval shape, I can't get over the frame ever. 


floral frame, louis xvi

I love my frames to be elegant, sophisticated, have unparalleled artisanship and immaculately thought of. So I often take motifs and details from XVIII century books to make my one-of-a-kind frame. Of course the art has to be worthy of being in a frame like this. 

Louis XV, birth of venus, botticelli, frame 

I love using frames to add scale to my home. Oversized frames definitely exude beauty beyond the usual. 

rococo frames

Nothing can bring brilliant symmetry to a home or space like having two similar or complimenting frames. I think that is one of the holy grail for aesthetes.

florentine frame

The depth of this beautiful florentine frame can not be paralleled by any machine. Imagine the plight & pleasure of the hands that work on it. 

 ora botticelli, art, frame, classic

 Sometimes, an un-fussed frame with such restrain can have such a profound effect on the beholder. 

No matter, what space you are decorating, frames are important. They are in fact essential in defining the room and its decor. Always remember that a frame is not just a frame. 

We would love to customize that one-of-a-kind frame for your home that you would love and cherish. Contact us for more. 


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  • Vidya on

    I came across your work, quite by accident on Instagram. I have fallen in love! You are exactly what I have been looking for a long long time! I am looking for that lovely wall mirror and console table. And a lovely chair! Bringing my home that European style and flair!

  • Tamanna on

    I might be your biggest fan ever! Of your talent sure, and of your writing even more! Haha, it rhymes ?
    Girl, I love you!!
    Would love to order something very soon. :)

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