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If your perception of classic furniture is your grandfather sitting in his uptight chamber, think again. The beauty of all things classic is that they are timeless. It's as versatile as a navy blue suit. You could wear it to business meetings or show up at any party and never look over or under dressed. All you need to do is just adjust the tie. 

Classic decor looks as beautiful in a contemporary, modern setting as it does in the perfectly arranged mansions of the past. 

Mansions with wall papered walls & 20 feet high ceilings aren't the only habitats for this beautiful design style. You could perfectly place these stunning bergères, settees, commodes & armchairs in your beautiful cozy apartment and make it look even cozier. Thankfully, I had Pintrest to get beautiful pictures from. 

Dining Spaces

How about five beautiful dining rooms to change your perception. All these dining rooms have classic Louis XV & XVI chairs. How seamlessly do they blend with the modern setting. Can you think of a better chair to make these rooms beautiful because we really can't!


 Chic dining room, modern, classic, french decor ideasdining room hip apartment, Indiafrench style elegant decor & design for dining room modern french furniture distressed classic decor india

On second thoughts, these beautiful Queen Anne chairs with french Provincial closet look as stunning as the black Louis XVI chairs with square frame in that perfectly sharp apartment. 

 beautiful white dining room with classy sharp black dining room with french chairs

 Living Spaces 

And who would have thought that beautiful Louis XVI bergères & lofty Louis XVI chairs with a settee would look so splendid in this cozy apartment on the left. And here on the right, it's obvious that you can never go wrong with Louis XV lofty armchairs. You could always set the tone with the upholsteries. 

 french chair french sofa in classy apartment, Indiasharp french chair sofa in modern apartment with Prada Poster

No matter what your style is, a Florentine mirror can spark it up. Add elegance to any room or corner with a sleek yet imposing Louis XVI bench. The best part is that it doesn't take up a lot of visual space. 


french bench in modern setting, Free shipping India

And who can deny that all the warmth in this beautiful room comes from these stunning vintage square frame Louis XVI chairs. In our opinion, the rest of the decor is just background. It's a perfect way to eclectically blend in the two types of perfect styles. On the right is a perfectly warm bergère in a casual space with nice bright cushions.

square vintage french chairbegere with bright cushions




Sleeping Spaces

When it comes to sleeping, it's always better to go with cozier & warmer look. I think it brings better dreams. This Chippendale bench is adding so much grace & beauty to this flawless bedroom. Benches kept right next to beds serve as a perfect way to put those extra cushions & pillows right before sleeping. And I can not reiterate enough times that you can never go wrong with Louis XV lofty armchairs, like the one on the right. They are the most comfortable pieces of furniture you would own. I specially love a lofty chair in the bedroom because it's very convenient to sit & read. And I don't like eating on the bed, so the comfortable chair comes in very handy. If the bedroom has space restrictions, this can be replaced with a Louis XV sleek chair. But a stunning chair is a must for every bedroom. 

lion claw ottoman in bedroomlofty french armchair next to modern bed.

 And who wouldn't mind waking up to this sharp Louis XV oval chair? Watch how perfectly the chair has blended with the minimalistic frame & bed. Or reading on the classic Louis XVI beauty on the right?

big mirror bedroom with beautiful french chair free shipping Indiamodern bedroom french chair to read on


Other spaces

If you expect to spend a lot of time waiting for the little one to sleep. Or are looking for a good looking alternative to the ugly feeding chairs, the lofty Louis XV armchair is the answer, again. I personally could never get myself to buy a feeding chair worrying what I would do with it later. For the extra plushness, a foot stool can always be customised. And if you need a little study or work desk at home, make it count. 


nursery decor with beautiful french chair study room with console, modern apartment

 You could always add a little flair to your apartment with these beautiful Armchairs, which are also perfect for accentuating all those places that look empty in your apartment right now. 

pair of french louis xv armchairs india entry foyer with french chair louis xv, classy, stylish home decor

The bright library/ reading room has the right choice of beautiful chairs for a timeless appeal to the almost modern aesthetic. And on the right, it's a beautiful mix of the English & French classic styles in a modern setting. Effortlessly perfect. 

reading library classic decorbeautiful home decor inspirations

And thank God, we don't have to deal with those uncomfortable & trite barstools that are so staple to so many kitchens. I had them back in NY as well :( 

minidal sharp Kitchen with french chairs


To sum it up, Classic is timeless. Outstanding of it's kind. That's the reason why it persisted and is still used as a yardstick. Just with a minor adjustment of upholstery & paint style, it can change the aesthetic to shabby chic, bohemian, vintage, regal, classic, uptight, casual, cozy but always elegant. 

For more design inspirations, ideas & customisations of any kind of classic furniture please feel free to contact us. Shortly, we will be starting our complimentary design assistance. 

But no matter what you do, Always stand apart, Never mass produced. 



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