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Recently, I had shared some beautiful pictures and inspirations that had classic furniture in a contemporary room setting. I'm always of the opinion that you don't have to label your home to one exact style or period of decor. You just have to have the aesthetic sense to bring everything together in perfect harmony. And do restrain from falling into design fads. They look good but get outdated very fast so sticking to, and investing in classics is a very good idea. 
Like for my home, I can proudly say that I have tried to mix the Sinhalese/Deccan tropical and Mediterranean elements with very classic french furniture and a few Italian baroque pieces to break the monotony. 
I do feel that white is one of the most appeasing color schemes when it comes to home decoration. It is easy on the eye and you can add more elements that add textures without cluttering the visual space. This way, you get to add color by upholsteries, artifacts, draperies, statement pieces, metal chandeliers and object d'arts. 
I love the magic that this black painted bèrgere with simple white canvas upholstery creates. So muted and yet so put together. And the very soft lavender plain upholstery in the second picture is merging with the whites so well. The beautiful pink flowers and the little cushion are the two objects that are just bringing so much life to the room. 
contemporary rooms white light modern setting and french decor
Gold is the warm white. The golden chandeliers, candelabras, over-mantle frame on the left or just a lemon yellow wall on the right. Everything is so in place when you match it with a white palette of furniture. 
Golden hue with beautiful classic decor and modern homes
Sometimes, we can just let curtains do the talking. On a side note, I really think every living room needs an oversized mirror. What style you choose depends on how you feel  and what furniture pieces you pair it with. But a stunning oversized mirror is just so momentous. 
large mirror and big  windows in beautiful rooms with delicate french interiors
Notice that in these rooms, the base color is always in the white palette but just a minute play with upholsteries, color of furniture and draperies, the house can be winter ready. 
Very classy modern homes and spaces with traditional furniture
I'm never the one to suggest pop colors, but this pink upholstered classic Fauteuil chair is really so perfect with this brilliantly styled contemporary room. Hues of gray and golden look splendid with the backdrop of white as well. 
Gorgeous pink upholstery in french classic interiors
No matter how modern a home might be, a classic piece of furniture always looks gorgeous and adds so many layers of elegance and permanence to the room. Pastel grays, light yellows, very soft pinks and soft browns go together so well. It's a timeless modern classic color palette. 
big windows with contemporary decor mixed with classic european elements
gustation day bed, soft pink french settee and classic study tables
Classic furniture is one of the best investments you can make for your home decor. Even if you have a contemporary space and like to keep things uncluttered and modern, you can do it spectacularly well with beautiful classic Louis XV & XVI pieces. If they are well made in pure wood, they will last you a lifetime. 

For more design inspirations, ideas & customisations of any kind of classic furniture please feel free to contact us. If you like any of these pieces, do let us know to customize your own.

But no matter what you do, Always stand apart, Never mass produced. 

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