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Just like the finest pearls come from the deepest heart of the ocean, some of finest treasures of Italy come surprisingly from it's very unassuming and almost unfrequented heart - Urbino. Italy, like India is one of those countries that keeps calling you back for more. Like India, it's rich culture, art, heritage, nostalgia and the warmth of the people beckons you with the promise that there is so much more for you to see, experience, taste and learn. 

And as it might be obvious, we are obnoxiously obsessed with art, architecture, details, decor and yes - Furniture, we couldn't help but take notes. We were fortunate to visit the workshops of some of the people who have been upholding the traditions, while creating their own and got to look at the action first hand. 

Yes, we know these are a lot of pictures to go through, but we just picked the best out of the best. 

Somehow, we feel that a beautiful 'Toile de Jouy' upholstered chair can go wonderfully well in even the most somber of rooms. If you have a cute little director to grace it, even better.  

cute baby sitting on a classic louis xvi square back chairClassic lively tulle chair

And what about this gorgeous Square back renaissance chair for any corner space. Some might call these paint imperfections, but for a few this is a beautiful eighteenth century masterpiece with gorgeous patina. 

Green italain chairgreen chair italian classic

And I was so convinced by the decor of this store, that I ended up picking a dress. If a store has a beautiful Louis XV wicker chair in venetian green, it's good enough for me. 

cane upholstered louis xv chairTrial room selfie with classic chair

And I absolutely can't get over these sleek rococo side chairs, I have already started work on a pair like this that I plan to keep in my bathrooms. There are times when the toddler decides to take a bath for hours and you need a place to sit. The bare bone rococo classic chair comes very handy for that exact purpose. 

rococo chair sleek

And storage should never be banal. The chippendale vitrine is just so perfect to keep all that pompous china and crystalware that you might have accumulated over time. And of course, shelves should never be straight planks coming out of the wall :) 

 storage vitrinevenetian baroque shelf storage

 And I can't proclaim my love for commodes enough. The little beast legs are just so brilliant over this massive oversized commode. 


 And of course, I didn't forget our favorite Louis XVI and XV console tables. The unusual colors and elegance shine bright in any setting. 

Green Antique french console table neoclassical

And the dramatic Italian console tables with allusions to beasts and dolphins are simply boggling. 

Italian baroque console tableItalian baroque grotesque dolphin center table

But sometimes, an elegant Louis XVI does the trick. 

beautiful louis 15 center table italian french baroque

It is my contention that frames should be as much art as the art they hold. Perhaps I'm biased, but I love these Louis XV and XIII styled frames out of all the nice ones I saw. 

Renaissance still life in louis xv frameStill life renaissance painting in rare Italian frame

If there is a classic piece of furniture with a wreath on it, it is impossible to not fall in love with it. And if that classic piece of furniture happens to be an oval frame, it's a keeper. 

Oval Frame french louis XV swag frame

Rococo frame with candles

Here, we have a little aesthete observing and learning the Italian techniques of hand painting furniture. And of course, there is no age to learn. This work shop turned out to be her hide-and-seek ground with frames cluttered everywhere. At least, she wasn't playing tag. 

An astute observer taking notes on italian decoupage painting methodLearning the rococo elements

Collection of FrameFrames for restoration

Every time I visit Italy, I make it a point to stay at the most inspiring places that are ideal for architecture and art. They usually are centuries old palaces and castles rich with original frescoes and murals. 


Frescoed renaissance suite with cute baby check in Breakfast room with frescoes

Fresco suiteItalian fresco

classic venetian chandelierFrescoed classic umbrian room

A perfect mix of small town fun and beautiful countryside with vineyards all around is what I think would be an ideal Italian summer vacation. Of course, with a local gelateria not more than fifty meters would be ideal. Couldn't help but share these perfectly done cottage style spaces. 

White room beautiful spacesBeautiful pastry shop with classic decor and renaissance frescospoppy in tuscan countryside umbria italy travelcountryside chic cottage kitchen relays todiniCypress trees in Italian countrysideVineyards in umbrian countryside. italy travel

 Only if I could, I would have shared a thousand more pictures of the inspirations that we gathered from door knockers, taps, hardware, garden pots, tassels, upholsteries just to name a few. How perfect is the Louis XVI door knocker on the left. How could you not call it an art in itself. And the simple medieval ones on the right tell a totally different story. If any of these furniture pieces move and inspire you, please feel free to let me know. I would love to have them designed and custom created for your beautiful home. 

Louis XVI gorgeous bronze door knocker hardwareMedieval heavy door knockers

Of course, if you end up being as lucky as this girl there's a chance you'll end up in a children's philharmonic orchestra concert exactly when they play your favorite song - "My favorite things". And even their portable brass chairs would be made in Louis XVI style - perfection. Hand Painted venetian armoire - what a brilliant sight to behold. 

music hall with children. philharmonic italy. perugia umbria countrysidedoor with decoupage hand paint

I was so amazed at the grille design concept that a workshop was working on because it was just the same style as our home. Quite a coincidence, because when I designed my grilles, I kept a floral waterlily motif in mind. And on the right, I don't care much for contemporary art, but when it has a classic chair, it's worthy of sharing. 

Grille design conceptsChair sketch contemporary sketch with classic baroque chairs

Please tell me if you don't fall for these oversized terra cotta planters as much as we did. If we could check it in, we would. 

little pretty girl with a terra-cotta italian urntuscan umbrian countryside with baby girl toddler in front of huge italian planter

And now, I have new patio goals. Ciao & Keep traveling. 

garden dreaming house goals

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    This feels like a tour into a curated furniture gallery! Thanks for this! Thanks for the tip about staying in castles! I’m going to keep it in mind for the next trip!

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