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When it comes to home décor, every subtle detail counts – colours, textures, lines, patterns, light and scale. If played around with masterfully, scale can make any room look spacious or a big room look cozy. Of course, we cannot change the size of walls, area of the room, or the ceiling height, but there are a lot of accessories that come to the rescue. They could be area covered by wall art, floor covered by carpet, drop of the chandelier, and of course – Furniture.

Undoubtedly, the scope of discussion on scale is really vast, but I've taken a few brilliant rooms that have simply perfected the art of scale.

Oversized mirrors always add so much space to a room. Don't shy away from using an oversized mirror in a small room. The wonders that an oversized mirror can do if placed right in a small room is exactly what playing with scale is about. If you can have a baroque or rococo frame to go with the mirror, it's an added plus. You can never go wrong with classics.  

Golden classic mirror, opulent home decor IndiaClassic rococo mirror. Oversized frame. Beautiful home interiors. Luxury homes

French rococo oversized mirror in classic modern house. Luxury home decor, Indiasuper big mirror beautiful classic luxurious room interiors.  

Bohemian chic, oversized mirror. Interior decorOversized mirror frame. Baroque

 modern home with classic big mirror. baroque styleClassic mirror with modern cozy decor.

Even the bathrooms get a lot of TLC with over sized mirrors. If you notice, these bathrooms have a compact size, but by placing the mirror right, and a little bit of sunlight, magic happens.   

Big mirror in bathroom. Stunning luxury home decorChic bathroom. Pink warm room with oversized mirror. Big mirror frame. Luxury ideas inspirations home decor 

Symmetry at the entrance foyer. Furniture is your best friend when you are trying to create symmetry. Of course, if you could have a chandelier/hanging light right at the entrance exactly at the centre of the door, a lot of grandeur and height can be added. An oversized vase with oversized foliage always adds to the drama. 

entry foyer. Grand entrance with giant vase. Cherry blossom Symmetric room with french windows. ITalian round table.

A very small sized classic chair close to a big furniture piece always catches attention and gives the illusion of palatial dimensions. You can also play around with rugs and wall art. 

modern red room with small french louis XVI chairssymmetrical room. Play of symmetry in a room with french louis xv armchairs. fireplace

Notice the scale of the wall tapestry in comparison with the room's size and furniture. And of course the little gorgeous Louis XVI armchair juxtaposed with the oversized beautiful Italian renaissance day bed. 

furniture clutter. Classic decor style. Luxury brilliant room aesthetics. small red wall papered reading room with frames and french louis xv chairs

An oversized carpet, which should always be partially covered with furniture again adds to the scale of the room. 

drottingham palace, sweden with very small Gustavian chair.oriental carpet over sized. brilliant home decor. opulent room setting.

And if you thought that a small dining room should have small chandelier, think again. And not to mention the over sized canopy bergère being perfectly scaled with very small classic Louis XV chairs for the dining chairs. 

cozy chic dining room. boho chic provencial style. Casual cozy french bohemian style. shabby chic. very big chandelier in classic dining room. Modern decor with classic baroque luxurious.


 Not to forget the nurseries or the children's room. I am predisposed to fall in love with over-oversized stuffed animals. They add so much imagination, enchantment and who knows, they might be the little one's best friend. Needless to say, they look stunning. 

beautiful baby nursery with classic decor and oversized toys. brilliant nursery decor inspirations. giraffe toy, cot. white room. gender neutral.

Adding oversized plants never fails to add so much life to your interiors. The bigger, the better. 

 oversized plants in cute modern apartment. vintage cool style. boho chic. huge plant. mediterranian look. beautiful home garden. green apartment. green living


brilliant green home. use of indoor plants. gardenadding life to kitchen with indoor plant.

There is no end to ideas. I think it's just letting your imagination do it's job. Don't be afraid to experiment. Who knows, you might end up with a masterpiece of your own genius, and there is no age to learn things. 

But whatever you do, always stand apart. 

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