The commode - Probably the most exquisite furniture piece that you'll own.

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Commode with symmetric decor

Probably the least considered and thought about piece of furniture until you own one is the Commode. If I just ask you to think of people or places where you've spotted it, I'd expect you to go blank. I hope you're not mixing commode with console tables, because they are two very different pieces, although stunning in their own right. 

Commodes could be described as chests of drawers, or consoles with storage that have been made beautiful, but that's as curt as saying that diamond is a beautiful stone. 

Although antiquated mostly because of the high value of making one, these pieces were an essential part of any formal room in the eighteenth century. As the name suggests - commodes were a commodity. They were essential in high brow houses and for a good reason. 

They can be the centerpiece of your room or bring immediate attention to any corner. The best part is that their top can be used as a perfect display shelf. And if you choose to use them as storage depending on where you place it in the room, they could help you store from extra cushions to your flatware and everything in between. 

A lot of grace and beauty can be added by placing a proportionately sized mirror or artwork on the wall behind the commode. Symmetrically placed candelabras, wall sconce or other accents like vases add a lot of character and a sense of harmony to the room.

In a modern setting, a commode could be used to display your Marshall music system. Counter-intuitively, classic furniture when placed in a modern reference looks sublime.  

Classic commodes always have gilded work & gold accents. The colours range from black, mahogany, to the lightest white. Depending on your choice, you could choose from gilded brass ornaments, hand painted Venetian with shapes from Bombe (Swollen) to straight. Tough decisions. 


baroque white regebcy commodevenetian painted commode

Louis XIV vintage commoderococo ormolu ornament commode


 White commodes always make the room look spacious and airy. Depending on how you accessorize them, you can turn the room into cool country, tropical, regal or just elegant.  

White French CommodeWhite classy drawer chest

White beautiful french commodeOld plain drawers

Classic shades of mahogany or natural woods can never disappoint you. They always add a sense of timelessness. And like I had mentioned, a big mirror over the commode is a classic decor style. 

Classic louis xv commodeBrown chest of drawers. Classic decor


 straight antique trunkEnglish commode

 Somehow, refreshing colors come out very nicely on commodes. It's bizarre how when I visited Kullu valley in Himalayas five years back, I was intrigued to see beautiful teal furniture and even full floors made out of teal painted wood. It's fascinating how the aesthetic of the whole world is so closely woven. 

 Beautiful luxury interiorsBrass ornament classic french louis xv commode modern teal colour

soft blue classic interior. plain drawers. vintage commode

antique commodeteal colored classic french commode

 And of course, black is the new black. You could always fall on it and it would never be wrong. 

black sharp commodeoversized big huge commode drawers

 long drawer commode

 Whatever style you choose for your home decor, you could always find space for a commode. And once you do, you will realize how indispensable it is for your home aesthetic as well as functionality. 

Happy decorating. 

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