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Settee inspired by Chippendale

  • Rs 66,75000

The common misnomer that only upholstered settees and chairs are fit for the living room gets audaciously defied when this masterpiece makes an entrance. With a piece carrying an immense sentiment of artisanship, and the rich carving that catches your eyes, this settee will easily be the showstopper.  

Nothing embodies the English Regency Furniture more than Thomas Chippendale. Bringing the lion claw from the orient into mainstream English, the Chippendale style is sometimes eccentric, but always imposing. Chippendale embodies Early Georgian, Queen Anne and late Baroque, so it's no wonder that it caught the fancy of curators around the world and Thomas Chippendale became avant-garde and his pieces are still sought after by the true collectors. 

This settee can be placed against a wall for a large look, but honestly, we don't mind having it supplement two dining chairs as well. Of course, if you plan to use it as your drawing room's settee or in your home library, it will be perfectly appropriate. 

They are easy to clean, no upholstery on back and need we emphasize how elegant, classy and yet overpowering they look. So you could order one, two or the whole eight. 

The backs come in several different designs, ranging from ribband to roccaille. We would love to customize and suggest what would go with your interiors and style.The lionfeet always have acanthus leaf to remind you of the fine regality.  


* Pay only fifty percent and get it as soon as thirty days.  


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