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Petite Louis XV canapé / couch / sofa

  • Rs 83,00000

That definitive piece that you can never go wrong with. This is where you shouldn't have the dilemma whether you should or shouldn't. If you love it in first look, we can guarantee that it's true love. 

This perfect Louis XV canapé has dramatic, unrestrained curve of cabriole legs and a carefully chosen motifs executed to perfection. The rare central motif with intense rococo and a wisely selected upholstery paired with right finish adds elegance to it. Beautiful from every angle. Finished with the perfect recline.

This fine sofa is inspired from the period of the reign of Louis XV. The teak wood frame is very delicate in appearance while it has been carved from good thickness. With a fine provenance, this is an exceptional period piece suitable for daily use.

Additional soft cotton foam can be added for extra plush comfort. 

Suggested Dimensions

 49'' l X 29" D X 31''H

* Pay only fifty percent and get it as soon as thirty days.  

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