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Louis XV petite side chair

  • Rs 24,99000

The very rare yet beautiful Franglais style of furniture is an example of perfect fusion in it's own. When the English brought French furniture to mainstream, they included some straight lines into this classically round framed chair. 

Gentle curves, but never a straight line, these chairs are a skill test to make for the artisans. 

This design has been interpreted in dining chairs, formal side chairs, lofty chairs to go with sofas and bergere and perfect for home office study. Their graceful and restrained curves with stunning carvings are prized by curators all around the world. Shall we share a secret, shhhh.... they make perfect piano chairs for you and the little ones. 

Pictured here are brilliant cotton gingham upholstered chairs. The size is perfect for any small corner, a teenager's room or any 

Suggested Dimensions : 

Sleek side chairs-  35"H X 16" W X 17"D 

* Pay only fifty percent and get it as soon as thirty days.  

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