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Bergère / sofa of Louis XV quintessence

  • Rs 85,00000

That definitive piece that you can never go wrong with. This is where you shouldn't have the dilemma whether you should or shouldn't. If you love it in first look, we can guarantee that it's true love. 

Delicate curved legs, and silhouettes these can be made in myriad of shapes. Minor variations from one other make these a pleasure for the eyes. 

Timeless, elegant, delicate and sophisticated. If these are words that describe you, then consider this couch a must in your home. 

Additional soft cotton foam can be added for extra plush comfort. 

Gentle curves, but never a straight line, these couches are a skill test to make for the artisans. 

Suggested Dimensions

 49" L x 29" D X 35''H

* Pay only fifty percent and get it as soon as thirty days.  

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