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A set of two chairs with a petite table

  • Rs 60,00000

Grande Sofa chairs, The generous proportions give the same comfort as a sofa, yet occupy a lot less visual space helping your room look bigger.These chairs are perfect as seating in the drawing room or even in your office.They could also look perfect in that informal corner of your living room. 

If your style is opulent yet you like to keep it elegant, then this is the chair for you. The best way to use these chairs is to keep it as a single-seater in your living room with sofas.  

It's no secret that King Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette were passionate about exuberant, yet sophisticated interiors. It's this chair that embodies their zeitgeist.

The turned, fluted legs, meet the body of chair with rosettes creating subtle, yet extraordinary carving motifs. The chair has a steep curve, which is where comfort meets elegance in true sense. We like to price them in a pair, but you could contact us for any quantity.

Suggested Dimensions:

Lofty Sofa Chair - 40" H X 24" W X 22" D

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