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Center table with rococo motifs and delicate Louis XV legs

  • Rs 64,50000

In our humble opinion, there's no center table style as ethereal as the Louis XV style. King Louis XV ensured that there was never a straight line in his furniture. The top has a demilune silhouette and the legs are cabriole, which produces a delicate balance of lines. We can not stress enoug the rarity and finesse of these elegant tables. Al we will say is that once they reach your home, it's impossible not to be mesmerised by them. 

Beautiful sturdy teak wood gives it a sense of timelessness. The complexity of rocaille motif at the center is sublime. We have kept this top in wood color to keep a casual decorum. 

Suggested Dimensions

40(W) X 40(L) X 21(H)

* Pay only fifty percent and get it as soon as thirty days.  

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