Louis XV frames with custom motifs
Parrot & Lily

Louis XV frames with custom motifs

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The splendid play of Louis XV frames~ it is unmistakably Parrot and Lily. The unparalleled power of classics is never more evident than the Louis XV frame. This silhouette that has been ubiquitous with places of finest discern never ceases to amaze. With its capability to host lights and shadows on every plane, its curvilinear gradient and the ability to depict intensely naturalistic motifs, it has been employed in classic as well as contemporary art. Here it is crowned with two custom motifs- the majesty of a lion and that of a crown. 

Please note that our frames are sold on their own; they do not include any artwork, mirrors, cork boards or anything else that they are pictured with. Extras can be arranged on request, please get in touch for more details. 

Suggested dimensions :

Grand with Lion : 39"W x 28"H
Petite with Crown : 25"W x 18” H

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