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Louis XV dining table with naturalistic, voluptuous motifs

  • Rs 95,00000

A lovely Louis XV-style dining table with intensely yet elegantly carved and cabriole legs .The carvings on this table are incised into the wood, creating a simple, elegant but intense design which is well-executed.
The dining table like this reached the height of fashion during the Louis XV period and, in keeping with decorating dictates, they were often considered more a part of the architecture than merely a piece of furniture. As a rule, it was believed that no single element of the 18th century interior should be considered on its own.
Displaying a superb degree of artistry, this table exemplifies the Louis XV era with grace and charm.

An elegant Louis xv writing desk which can also be used as a console. This piece can also be ordered to size and in any finish.

Suggested Dimensions

72"L X 36" W X 30"H

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