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Dining table of Louis XV era with subtle rococo sensibilities

  • Rs 88,40000

* As a standard, this piece will come with a wood top, but marble top can be furnished for you instead at an extra charge.*

The Louis XV directoire is the perfect and quite rare place where elegance meets opulence. Gentle curves grace the silhouette of this stunning table, while exaggerated curves on the legs that seamlessly reach the floor end in the most subtle of foliages.  

We recommend adding one to glorify a quiet corner or getting the whole family to impart a classic formal look to your drawing room.

Suggested Dimensions

 8 seater   -   90”l x 40” w x 31” h 
 6 seater   -   72 l x 36” w x 31” h 
 4 seater   -   48” x 36” w x 31” h

 * Pay only fifty percent and get it as soon as thirty days.  

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