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Dining table inspired by Louis XIV antiquity with caryatids.

  • Rs 205,00000

* As a standard, this piece will come with a wood top, but marble top can be furnished for you instead at an extra charge.*

And it slowly unfolds- the composition is greater than its parts but each detail reflects its own intent. The light and proportions of a Louis XIV dining table.

Caryatids from antiquity bearing the burden of the table top- representing classic architecture in furniture was the ideal to be achieved. Louis XIV design was intricate, detailed and yet held strong lines. These caryatids inspired from antiquity are confoundingly complex to craft. When we add the detail that these are from a single piece of wood its complexity can be appreciated even more but more on that later.

Suggested Dimensions

 8 seater   -   90”l x 40” w x 31” h 
 6 seater   -   72 l x 36” w x 31” h 
 4 seater   -   48” x 36” w x 31” h

 * Pay only fifty percent and get it as soon as thirty days.  

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