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Cestino of Transience - The garden of good & evil

  • Rs 150,00000

As a means of contrast with the sublime, the grotesque is the richest source that nature can offer.

Tread carefully in this garden, there is mirth and elysium, but there is also heartbreak and unrequited love. However, in the end, love will always awaken the sleeping soul of humanity.

Exclusively designed for Parrot & Lily and crafted in Italy, this ceramic cestino was born from the archives of drawings for the Medici family. There is only one of its kind. Another one will never be the same. We have come out with only five, each with a subtle variation. Each with a bounty of lemons for ceres and grapevine for bacchus. 

This enchanting cestino can be used as a fruit platter in the middle of the your dining table, kitchen table or commode. If you are up to it, you can fill it with flowers to the brim. This is as close as you could get to a renaissance still life. 

Medium - Ceramic (Crafted in Italy)

Dimensions - 10" W X 25"L X 9"H

This piece will take 45 days to be crafted after full payment of a confirmed order. 


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