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Beast in Reflection

  • Rs 16,00000

A garden design should not only reflect innate talent and exquisite artistic sensibility, but also deep and analytical thought. While nothing should be noticed, but equally no detail should be ignored. The exquisite blending of plants and the art that holds or surrounds them should not come by accident, it has to be relevantly chosen. 

Timeless studies of the graceful beast have been an obsession of artists throughout ages. In this pose, the lion elegantly sits with its head slightly tilted to its left, thoughtfully reflecting. Its power is overshadowed by its elegant poise. 

Casted in pure aluminium to never rust, age in grace, and be of reasonable weight, these lions can be used to accessorise the outdoors or even the interiors. 

Available in rustic ivory and rustic chrome. 

Dimension : 9.5"H X 5.5"W

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