How it works

In order to commission your piece, we require a fifty percent (non-refundable) deposit of the estimated price. The prices quoted are only estimations and may vary based upon the customisation options you opt for. The remaining deposit is collected once your piece is ready and you approve the final images that we share with you. We do not ship anything until the payment is settled. 

Customisation is the central philosophy of our brand, and we would be happy to offer custom dimensions, paint finishes, carving motifs and of course the upholstery. Do keep in mind that once you have placed an order for something, the basic shape of that cannot be changed since taking wood out is the first step of getting closer to your dream piece. We may offer you motifs and carving patters along the way. Also, differed customisation are possible at different stages but some might incur an additional cost. We love sharing drawings etc with you but do keep in mind, for certain pieces, drawing is not a mandation. This is for Louis XVI pieces. 

Our pricing included upholstery up to the range of Rs. 1800/meter. If you should pick upholstery that incurs additional costs, the difference is prorated. 

Upholstery is one of the last steps in our production process and the options are shared once we reach that stage, based on availability. 

As a general standard, we use our in-house upholsteries for lining and the back, but we can assure you that we settle for nothing less than the extraordinary. We understand that you might have a favorite upholstery or a color scheme that you would like to see on your piece. After all, falling in love with what you like is what luxury is about and we're happy to help.

The process from initiation to shipping usually takes about 45 to 60 days. It could however take more days depending upon complexity & weather conditions. Please see the Process page for a better understanding. 

Also please note that all our frames come as just frames. We do not include artwork or mirrors. While we may furnish mirrors on request, we do not recommend this due to the risk of breakage during shipping. We do not take any responsibility for damage incurred due to this. 

Our beds casing and the casing for commodes, armoured etc including the shelving is done in pine wood. If you want it in any other wood, there might an extra charge to that.