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Console table of textbook Venetian rococo eccentricity

  • Rs 97,50000

Why should tables always stand on four legs? Why should the table drop always be too delicate? The Italian masters decided to break the rules, while still adhering to the classical aesthetic. This magnificent console table is the answer.

There's a certain amount of brute rustic that is involved with the very glamorous. This table is the connoisseur, the one who understands the rules of aesthetic and how to bend them. It's perfect for living room, entrance foyer, gallery or even a large bedroom. 

 * As a standard, this piece will come with a wood top, but marble top can be furnished for you instead at an extra charge.

If you had been looking for the perfect place to exhibit a pair of beautiful candle stands or the porcelain figurines that you bought from an antique store, a console is the perfect display answer. Placing a huge mirror against the console is an infallible option that the best interior designers resort to time and again. Console tables can also be the perfect home to your high end music system, photo frames, vintage telephone or just a beautiful vase of fresh flowers that you hand pick from your garden everyday. 

Console tables compliment your aesthetic style by being as beautiful as the collectibles that you wish to display in your finest settings. 

Consoles are a great way to show panache, while also being able to display your finest objets d'art. Perfect against any wall of your living room or a separator between two functional areas of a large room, console tables make a room look perfect.

Suggested Dimensions : 

38" H X 57" W X 22" D 

* Pay only fifty percent and get it as soon as thirty days.  

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