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Chair inspired by Thomas Sheraton with Lyre Back

  • Rs 23,10000

Inspired by Grecian couches — Thomas Sheraton had popularized the lyre silhouette, a shape consciously echoing the concave convex movement of just one side of the famed instrument.

The lyre shape was visually balanced, graceful, lyrical and distinctive.

Apollo was the mythological god of music and dance, and his stringed lyre was thought to represent not just artistic sensibilities but also harmony and heavenly peace, social order, and all that was rational in ancient Greece.

This very concise chair is a classic and would be a stunner anywhere on the side of a room. The sleek lion feet add power and prowess to these pieces of art.

Nothing says Neoclassical like Thomas Sheraton. If you are described as aristocratic, strictly high brow and never erroneous, then you should consider adding Sheraton style of furniture to your living, dining or guest room. 

Known for his light weight rectilinear style, this furniture exudes sophistication, which your guests will be able to reckon with at first sight. The Sheraton Style was the most reproduced style in the Federal Period of furniture by the most reputed salons, hotels and ball rooms.

 Suggested Dimensions : 

 32" H X 18" W X 17" D

*You only need to pay fifty percent of the estimated price to commission this piece.The prices quoted are only estimations, and may vary based upon the customization that you would like. We will offer customization right from the dimensions,  paint job, carving motifs, to the upholstery. The options will be sent to you once we reach that point, and upholstery may vary based on availability. We understand that you might have a favorite upholstery or a color scheme that you would like to see on your piece. After all, falling in love with what you like is what luxury is about and we're happy to help. The process from initiation to shipping usually takes about 30 days. Please see the Process page for a better understanding. 

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