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Settee / couch / sofa with Iberian flourish silhouette

  • Rs 98,00000

When the Bourbon dynasty made it to Spain from France, there was a lot of mixing up of styles. This baroque extravagance takes its name Isabelino from Queen Isabella, who was an ardent patron of arts. If you really are looking for something that you will not find anywhere else, then Iberian is the way to go.

Apart from being exquisite and very well balanced, the marking feature of this style is it's rarity. The beautiful and sturdy doe legs and full relief cockles make this absolutely round sofa a delight to behold. This very comfortable settee could match well with English as well as French furniture, as long as the rooms are curated to perfection. 

Sugggested Dimensions : 

72" W X 36" H X 33" D 

Seat Height 17"

* Pay only fifty percent and get it as soon as thirty days.  

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