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Side Table inspired by Chippendale

  • Rs 22,00000

Need we emphasize how elegant, classy and yet overpowering this side table looks. The balance of straight lines on top and hefty cabriole legs that end in lion paw.

Nothing embodies the English Regency Furniture more than Thomas Chippendale. Bringing the lion claw from the orient into mainstream English, the Chippendale style is sometimes eccentric, but always imposing. Chippendale embodies Early Georgian, Queen Anne and late Baroque, so it's no wonder that it caught the fancy of curators around the world and Thomas Chippendale became avant-garde and his pieces are still sought after by the true collectors. 

The lionfeet always have acanthus leaf to remind you of the fine regality.  

Chippendale's dominance can be understood by the fact that his book - "The Gentleman & Cabinet-maker's Director" is still used as an authority in understanding neo-baroque furniture and applied arts. 

Suggested Dimensions

22" H X 22"W X 18" D

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