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Commode inspired by Gustavian Era

  • Rs 78,40000

This stunning demilune commode true to Gustavian Era is as authentic as home decor can be. With a soft color palette, and ultra antiqued color tone, this commode is easy on the eyes throughout seasons, and throughout decor styles. Very restrained carving and moldings demonstrate how sometimes, understated look can lead to a magnificent effect. 

In the late 1700s, the regent King of Sweden, Gustav III returned home from Verailles so impressed with the furniture that he changed forever how Swedish furniture would be made and felt. His interpretation of the Louis XVI furniture was very restrained, almost distressed to appeal to the palate throughout the year. Making sure that the color palate stayed from whites to grey tones, the Gustavian furniture is known to be easy on the eye thoughout the year. 

As a standard, this piece will come with a wood top, but marble top can be furnished for you instead at an extra charge.

Adding a stunning and rare piece to your home not only adds art, but surprisingly functionality along with grace. Commodes are great for the main living room, where you can shelf stunning object d' arts on them. They blend in brilliantly when you have to separate a common living from dining, giving both their own identity. 

As for themselves, it is undeniable that they are some of the most beautiful furniture pieces. We suggest adding opulence to even your pantry or walk in closet by utilizing generous sized drawers to stack napkins, cutlery sets, towels etc. After all, why shouldn't every room in your house reflect brilliant art. 

Suggested Dimensions : 

33" H X 40" W X 20" D 


* Pay only fifty percent and get it as soon as thirty days.  

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