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Chair inspired by Louis XV, Fauteuil of lofty comfort set of two

  • Rs 76,40000

A shorter and wide Fauteuil of the Louis XV, this version of this timeless chair is impossible to miss in almost all Venetian palatial setting. Restrained rococo carvings give this beautiful armchair a stunning flair. 

The beauty is in the dimensions - This rendition of the classic Louis XV chair is usually used to compliment couches. It gives just enough recline for you to laze and spend hours on it without a back ache, yet looks sharp for any formal occasion. The exposed frame work highlights the finesse in carving on the highest quality wood that it takes to build this masterpiece. 

Additional soft cotton foam can be added for extra plush comfort. 

Arguably, there has never been a chair so iconic and so tied to it's time, history and the emperors that used it. It's no wonder that no grand palace is complete without it. From Buckingham, Versailles, Schönbrunn or The Hermitage, this chair has been ubiquitously synonymous with sophistication, opulence and elegance. 

Gentle curves, but never a straight line, these chairs are a skill test to make for the artisans. We like to price this in a pair, but if you need just one, do contact us. 

Suggested Dimensions

35" H X 23" W X 23" D with seat at 17" for added comfort. 


* Pay only fifty percent and get it as soon as thirty days.  

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