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Beautiful Louis XVI Petit Settee/couch/sofa for Children

  • Rs 61,40000

If your little one is as elegant as you and loves entertaining her little friends, then why not make her room as comfortable as her mommy's drawing room. After all, we know the tiny people party that happens when you are having a party. 

Just like their bigger counterparts, these stunning chairs are also made of Sheesham. But they are made with a little extra love and attention. So maybe it's time to say good bye to the engineered wood chair after all. 

Here's a little secret, this beautiful bergere can easily seat the fully grown ones too. 

Suggested Dimensions : 

25.5" H X 26.5" W X 17" D , Seat Height 12" 

* Pay only fifty percent and get it as soon as thirty days.  

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