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Armoire inspired by French Renaissance and sauvage beast sensibilities

  • Rs 95,00000


Fashion is ephemeral but taste is something that is far more tangible. It is cultivated when one is young and it comes back in nostalgia and forms who you are as one keeps getting older.

When we’re asked to customise a birthday present for a little heart who loves The Lion King we take classic elements keeping in mind that one day this very same person would be reading Hamlet, probably observing the beast feet and elegantly carved cockles. Drawers inspired by panels and architectural capitals and perhaps this lion face would mean much more than Simba to him.

Customise things that have depth and purity of design in them and cultivate tastes


Suggested Dimensions : 

36" L X 16" D X 72" H

Some assembly at the client's end required. 

As a standard, The frame, doors and exteriors are made of Teak wood, while the shelves and back are made of engineered wood. 

* Pay only fifty percent and get it as soon as thirty days.  

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