Shipping Policy~

At Parrot & Lily, we understand that the anticipation of receiving your exquisite home decor items is part of the joy of shopping with us. We take great care in ensuring that your order is delivered to your doorstep in a timely and efficient manner.

Shipping within India is complimentary for most areas. For particularly remote areas or those that are out of the regular service area of our shipping partners, a charge may be levied.

 For our ready items, we strive to deliver your product within 10-15 days. We want you to be able to enjoy your new piece of art as soon as possible.

However, for our customised pieces, we take extra time to ensure that every detail is perfect. We kindly ask for your patience as we create a masterpiece specifically tailored to your taste. Please allow 6-10 weeks for delivery of these unique pieces.

Our dedicated team works diligently to prepare your shipment for dispatch. Once your order is ready ans the accounts are settled, we will send you a message to inform you of its imminent arrival. As part of our commitment to excellent customer service, you may also receive a call from our trusted courier company or logistics partner. They will confirm the tentative date and time of delivery, ensuring that you are prepared to welcome your new treasure into your home.

While we strive to provide the best possible experience, we must acknowledge that we do not have direct control over our courier partners or logistics partners. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that they will always act in a certain manner or call before arriving. However, we assure you that we have chosen partners who share our commitment to professionalism and excellence.

The delivery person will deliver the goods to your building premises or wherever it is physically possible to deliver the pieces. For higher floors, we are not equipped to deliver the pieces to your door step. You are requested to arrange for your own labourers/ manpower to get the big pieces to the higher floor. The responsibility of our logistics partners to deliver the large pieces is restricted to the ground floor or maximum first floor of the building.

 For the safety of the pieces during the transit and unpredictable and multiple handling at times, we secure most of the pieces with wooden crates. We understand that these crates make the packaging bulky, however they are absolutely necessary for securing the pieces. However, we understand that sometimes furniture may not fit through an entryway, stairway, or any other narrow passage. Therefore, we kindly request our customers to carefully study the sizes mentioned on the product page before making a purchase.

Please note that any refused delivery due to furniture not fitting through an entryway or any other refusal or unavailability will be the customer's responsibility. In such cases, any subsequent attempts to deliver the goods will be charged extra by Parrot and Lily or our logistics partner.

We also kindly request you to provide accurate address and phone number details at the time of placing your order. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free delivery process. If you are planning to travel and will be unavailable on the provided contact number, please inform us in advance. This allows us to make the necessary arrangements and avoid any inconvenience. 

Please note that we reserve the right not to deliver an order if we believe the address is not secure, for example to a communal postal address or PO Box. If this affects an order you place, we'll notify you as soon as possible.


Storage and Liability

At Parrot & Lily, we understand that sometimes circumstances may arise that prevent you from accepting the delivery of your order immediately. In such cases, we offer a grace period of two weeks to hold your order at our Atelier. However, please note that if your order is ready for dispatch but has been withheld in our atelier on your request beyond this grace period, a 'Holding Cost' or 'Delayed Delivery Cost' will be applicable to your total order value on a daily/monthly basis.

Once you’re notified that your piece has been finished and is ready to be shipped out, we are liable for holding and storing your piece for 15 working days. Beyond that we will charging Rs 1000 per piece per day. 

The ’Holding Cost’ have to be paid for, before we dispatch your order from our Atelier.

International Shipping

International shipping is handled on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch with us about your requirements to get an idea of your options. We will need to know an approximation of the order contents and your delivery Zip Code. 

International shipping quotations do not include customs and other taxes or duties. We do not handle these, and you will be contacted by port authorities about these directly. We cannot provide customs estimates as every country has their own regulations and the amount is only calculated when the shipment is received at the port. Customs can be unpredictable and often come with hidden charges. Please look into the relevant national regulations that apply to you as we are not able to advise about customs and import taxes.