Coat hanger inspired by ancient Greek pillars
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Coat hanger inspired by ancient Greek pillars

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Never come back uninspired from wherever you go. For us, travelling is a very big part of our creative process. We feel that to truly execute an art, you have to experience it, immerse in it. If you have never tasted a mango in the middle of Indian summers, you will never understand the romanticism behind a Paisley motif. 

While visiting imposing ruins in Greece, we couldn't help but think of ways to have this majestic architectural element practical enough to be a part of our everyday life. And so, this gorgeous coat hanger was planned. 

Brilliant yet restrained carving on pure high quality teak wood give it weight and just enough radiance. 

Suggested Dimensions 

50" h X 9" w X 9" d

* Pay only fifty percent and get it as soon as thirty days.  

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