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Louis XV bed with intense cartouche

  • Rs 155,00000

Sophistication and restrained rococo motifs make the Louis XV bed a treat for the eyes. Yet a very understated look keeps the room in balance. A generous sized head board gives perfect support and the beautiful rococo motif in the center is placed just high enough to allow you to sit back and read that book. 

The side frame of this stunning bed is in a flourish silhouette, and the side curves of the head and foot board showcase a beautiful acanthus design. Subtle, yet very detailed carving make this bed a very elegant one. 

Louis XV style bed, Hand-carved with deeply carved cartouche designs and hanging wreaths as the central theme on the head as well as footboard. Finished in the nice blue paintwork with Ecru highlights.

Suggested sizes -

Suggested sizes -

Queen - 60" W X 80" L X 52" H 

King - 76" W X 80" L X 52" H

Full  - 54''W x 75''L x 52'' H


* Pay only fifty percent and get it as soon as thirty days.  

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