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Pediment of rococo quintessence

  • Rs 18,20000

With the advent of modernism, quite a few essential things have been lost. For instance, Pediments have long been an important part of distinguished architecture. Not only do they grace the door, they also add a depth perception to the wall. 

Up until the nineteenth century, pediments were a very momentous and almost necessary part of the home aesthetic. They can range from neoclassical triangle shaped ones to the very rococo pediments with splendid curves. 

These Rococo pediments have a cockle shell central motif. They represent some of the finest carvings possible with the human hand. They have been carved out of the finest quality Teak wood. The depth of the cockle along with asymmetric rocaille on either sides are the toughest to implement. There are allusions to foliage and C scrolls. 

To behold one is truly a magnificent sight.

We offer them in all custom sizes as well as custom designs ranging from rococo to floral to victorian styles. Anything can be designed to match your home aesthetic. 

Suggested Dimensions

42" W X 12" H

 * Pay only fifty percent and get it as soon as thirty days.  

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