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Classic Dainty Louis XV Settee for your absolute heart

  • Rs 46,00000

They are never too young to entertain their own guests. Or find that special corner in their own room which just belongs to them. 

This beautiful classic Louis XV two seater is as comfortable for them as is for you to spend time in their room. The size is perfect for being comfortable without looking bulky. The very fine symmetric rococo carving motif gives something to reflect on in those idle hours. 

And we can not deny that purple looks so imperial on this subtle piece.

Just like their bigger counterparts, these stunning settees are also made of Teak. But they are made with a little extra love and attention. So Maybe it's time to say good bye to the engineered wood chair after all. 

Suggested Dimensions :

42" W X 22" D X 36" H

* Pay only fifty percent and get it as soon as fourtyfive days.  

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