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The Vivacious Louis XVI frame

  • Rs 7,95000

There are very few things that can evoke such an array of sentiments just at first glance. From subtlety and graceful elegance to vivacity and pomp, such has been the story of Louis XVI and his times. This frame can not be more representative of the era and it's unbridled beauty. Having a cartouche shield with outstandingly delicate ribband, we daresay there is nothing that would come close to this frame. 

Fascinating in every aspect, we decided to make this legendary frame in pure brass. 

The subtlety and scale makes this gorgeous frame absolutely one of it's kind. Perfect for a 6X4" picture, this frame can be kept on table top, landscape or portrait, or hung on the wall. Made of 1.1 Kgs of pure brass, this is sure to be a treasured possession for years to come. 

The piece will be shipped within 30 days. 

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