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Commode in provencial style inspired by Louis XIV

  • Rs 85,20000

Sometimes, toning down is as much fun as accentuating. This antiqued provincial commode is a perfect example of the practice. With distressed paint, very restrained carving, very slim legs, this commode can brighten up any bedroom, walk in closet or even an eclectically done living room for an avid traveler.

Adding a stunning and rare piece to your home not only adds art, but surprisingly functionality along with grace. Commodes are great for the main living room where you can shelf stunning objets d'art on them. They blend in brilliantly when you have to separate a common living from dining, giving both their own identity. 

As for themselves, it is undeniable that they are some of the most beautiful furniture pieces. We suggest adding opulence to even your pantry or walk in closet by utilizing generous sized drawers to stack napkins, cutlery sets, towels etc. After all, why shouldn't every room in your house reflect brilliant art. 

Suggested Dimensions : 

35" H X 42" W X 21" D 


* Pay only fifty percent and get it as soon as thirty days.  

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