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Neoclassical frame with mouldings antique classic furniture interiors decor Louis Xv French italian

Whether the art you want to frame is on a canvas or through a mirror, our surreal frames introduce a mesmerising harmony to their surroundings. But there is more to these marvels than their looks, though we admit the looks are tempting enough. 

Classic frames custom bespoke French interiors Italian decor Louis Xv style

Reviving classic designs is a dive into history. From the aesthetic symbolism of the age to the socio-political realities, a complete knowledge of the historical context is required. Further, you must investigate the materials and techniques that would have been employed at the time, and often we have to build backwards from the present day to achieve this end.

All this knowledge comes together in each Parrot & Lily piece. That is why our finesse is so rare and our pieces inimitable- you can not carve a perfect cartouche without understanding the exact origin of the motive. Pieces made without this knowledge will always look just a little off. And while a connoisseur may point out mistakes in proportions or a lack of depth, even a passing observer will experience the sense that you are looking at an incomplete attempt towards an ideal. Something that is not quite there.

Oval frames, often in stucco were widely used in the School of Fontainebleau as a part of the architectural features of the room. Since then, each age added its own motifs to the shape. This Belle Epoque style frame has elements of the Louis XVI style with a unique flair. The later elements of this design can be spotted in the neoclassical architectural mouldings followed by a flat architrave.

When you opt for Parrot & Lily, you can leave the academics to us. You can follow your aesthetic desires while resting safe in the knowledge that we would only use the most appropriate techniques, materials and design. But for those who wish to understand their investment, learn the history of the pieces they are acquiring and perhaps take a more cerebral approach to beauty- our Sunday blogs are precisely for you. After all, while we acknowledge that not everyone spends as much time obsessing over design as we do, we would love for each piece we make to be fully appreciated by its patrons, and for our clients to understand more fully why a Parrot & Lily piece is such a valuable acquisition. 

Our most classic Louis XV frame, this design is instantly recognisable. The curves come together at scrolled ends, announcing the age and style of the design. Louis XV style is all about symmetry and curves. This frame looks classic in every rendition.

Design is fun, and it would be wrong to make it heavy and drab by making it about rules or formulae. But when it comes to classical design, we must learn the rules before we can break them. Reduced, modern versions of classical design may hold their own value, but they lie outside the realm of the classical. Parrot & Lily is for the unrepentant classicist.  

Neoclassical frame with mouldings antique classic furniture interiors decor

A neoclassical frame blends seamlessly into its mixed background. Understated yet rare, the moulding are carved entirely by hand on the finest teak wood. These moulding represent functional components of pre-antiquity wooden temples, which we know from their decorative representation on Greek and Roman stone structures from antiquity. The original wooden temples may have perished but the pattern remains.


This most classic late Louis XVI frame features a cartouche that holds together a strong of foliage. The lack of curves reflects the Louis XVI sensibility of straight lines and clean silhouettes. The floret in the middle of the escutcheon adds a charming touch. This design would be perfect to frame a stormy vista by Gainsborough or a shipwreck by Vernet. 

We invite you to leave your thoughts in the comments. You can click on any of the photos above to learn more.


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  • Parrot & Lily on

    @Tanmai Khanna Thank you for your kind words, we are glad you are enjoying our blogs!

  • Tanmai Khanna on

    Before reading Parrot & Lily blogs, a frame was just a frame and a table was just a table – but these blogs tell me about the rich history behind these pieces of furniture and the sheer amount of creativity that goes into it. Really inspiring work by everyone at Parrot & Lily :)

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